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With a shortage of nearly 2 million skilled workers, Germany is funding courses to upskill workers through educational vouchers (Bildungsgutschein). As an international living in Germany, you can take advantage of these courses funded by the Jobcenter/Agentur für Arbeit to find a job in sales or a HR job. Match Talent is here to help you find the ideal government-funded course that will help you upskill to land your dream recruitment job that combines sales and HR expertise.

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Recruitment: Where sales and HR come together

Whether a company can continually sell its products or services in an ever changing market is largely dependent on the strength of its sales and recruiting teams. That is why talent in these fields is always in demand. If you have ever considered a sales job or a HR job, then taking an online modern recruitment course could be a great option for you. Match talent can help you find the right government-funded course for you to launch your career. 

Sales and HR

Start a career that combines HR and sales through a government-funded course

A modern recruitment course brings together various disciplines. Talent acquisition today is often not a pure HR job, as to find the ideal employees for every position strong sales skills are required to acquire the talent needed for each unique role. Modern recruitment focuses on employee recruitment and management, while also teaching you the skills and methods related to personal development. This course will help you develop and bring together all these skills to help you become successful in future roles. 


Those who want to excel in sales and recruitment need in-depth knowledge of their areas of expertise. With this knowledge base, professionals can successfully acquire new customers and maintain those relationships. With the right background, professionals can establish the right strategies and establish new sales channels in order to create new opportunities for their company. Yet none of this would be possible without skilled recruiters to find the right sales and recruitment experts. There are various courses you could take in order to build your expertise in these fields. However, advanced German knowledge is not always a prerequisite, as during a course that includes German lessons, you will build your industry specific vocabulary and intercultural skills to excel in this role. 


An office manager is a vital position in any company that ensures all office operations run smoothly and efficiently. In an office management course, you will learn about effective organization, communication and  management along with time management skills, how to interact with customers and event and meeting organization. With an office management course you can be well prepared to take one of the many open office manager positions.  


To succeed as an office manager you will need excellent time management and organizational skills. Furthermore, top notch communication skills are also needed in order to facilitate communication between employees and management along with communicating with clients. While English is necessary to take this course, if you are not yet fluent in German, you can take a office management course that will in addition help you take your German to the next level, allowing you to succeed in any office environment. 


Highlights of taking a recruitment course

94% customer satisfaction rate
Rate of students passing final exams - 80%
Go at your own pace with an asynchronous course
Avg. salary of a recruitment manager in Germany: 45.000€

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Choosing the best course for can be a challenging task. We help guide you through the process of identifying what career you want and subsequently finding the right course in the Jobcenter /Agentur für Arbeit’s Kursnet. All our course counselling sessions are 1:1 video calls.

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