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At Match Talent we know it can be difficult to navigate the bureaucracy at the Jobcenter/Agentur für Arbeit. That’s why we help you prepare for your appointment to obtain your Bildungsgutschein and offer you 1:1 support at your appointment through our Buddy Programme! Learn how a Buddy could support you at the Jobcenter/Agentur für Arbeit in English.

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Receive personal support at your Jobcenter appointment

The aim of our Buddy Programme is to help you at your Jobcenter appointment to obtain your Bildungsgutschein (educational voucher). This includes personal translation support during your appointment, help with preparing your documents beforehand and moral support throughout the appointment. Our Buddy Programme is currently available in 9 cities across Germany -  Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hannover, Köln, München, Nürnberg and Stuttgart.

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Get to know your Buddy


To help you be more comfortable with your Buddy, you will have a chance to meet them via video call beforehand. Your Buddy will also help ensure you have the proper documents prepared.

They are there for support


In order to ensure a smooth appointment, it can be helpful to have someone with you. Your Buddy will be there to translate anything you don’t understand and help you answer any questions the agent may have for you. They are there to provide calm, neutral support.

Who are our Buddies?

course providers

All of our Buddies are verified by Match Talent. Every Buddy is fluent in German and English and has experience providing support in similar situations. Our Buddies are also chosen for their ability to stay calm and flexible in all situations.

How does the programme work?

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