Struggling to find the right government-funded course?

Our 1:1 course counselling
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funded programme for you

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Choosing the best course for you can be a challenging task. That's why we provide you with 1:1 support. We help guide you through the process of identifying what new career you want and subsequently finding the right educational course in the Kursnet from the Agentur für Arbeit/Jobcenter. Our course counsellors can support you in English, German, French, Arabic or Turkish. 


Why take advantage of our Course Counselling?

Help with navigating the Kursnet


It can be difficult to find a course and subsequent career path that aligns not only with your expertise but also your passions. That’s where we can help you. After determining your eligibility, we ask you questions throughout the process in order to identify which government funded education course will suit you best to change your career.

We put you in contact with the course provider

course providers

After you have selected your course, we put you in contact with the course provider in order to complete their interview process. Before this, however, we will ensure you have the requisite language and any other skills.

Preparation for your Jobcenter appointment

Cv writing

In addition, we also help you in preparation for your Job Centre appointment. Our services include reviewing your CV and motivational letter along with providing you with information to help you with your appointment.

How does the service work?

Contact us to assess your eligibility
Take part in 1:1 sessions to find your ideal course
Interview with your chosen course provider
Make and attend your Jobcenter appointment

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