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Your start into a new career in the field of tech

With a shortage of nearly 2 million skilled workers, Germany is funding courses to upskill workers. As an international living in Germany, you can take advantage of these funded tech courses to launch your career in attractive fields, such as Web Development. Match Talent is here to help kickstart your career in tech.

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Build up your expertise through an educational course

As programmers are in high demand, web development can be a lucrative career option. Through a web development course you can learn how to build dynamic websites and applications from scratch. In a web development course you will build on the fundamentals and gain practical knowledge that will prepare you to excel in your career. From software fundamentals, to front-end and back-end development and web design, a course in web development provides a solid foundation to jump into the world of tech.


Are you interested in the booming field of tech, but are looking for a less technical position? Then becoming a Salesforce Consultant could be the role for you! In a Salesforce course you will learn the skills you need to work for top companies across industries. You will dive deep into data management and automation in order to excel in the Salesforce industry. Throughout the course you will learn more about digital transformation, market segmentation and even project management. Furthermore, you will learn how to create workflows along with all the fundamentals of Salesforce. At the end of the course you will be well positioned to secure one of the many available Salesforce jobs! 


Looking to dive into the highly sought after profession of programming? Then a course in python backend programming could be perfect for you. In a course you would learn everything you need to know about Python and the Django ecosystem and how to utilise it to create powerful applications. Courses will often teach you everything you need to know, so no proper coding experience is necessary. By the end of a course you will have created your own project and completed a two month internship.


Interested in a job in tech that combines coding and problem solving? Then becoming a Java Developer could be the right match for you! Learn one of the most used programming languages to launch your career in tech. Dive deep into the world of backend development learning the basics up to developing your own project all from real world experts. At the end of the course with your in-depth knowledge of these widely used programming languages and the ability to now solve complex problems, you will be well-prepared to find a terrific job in Germany’s tech market.


Improve your German

Ready to take your German to the next level and improve your career prospects? Then you can choose an educational course that combines professional training along with German instruction. From learning the fundamentals that you would use in everyday conversations to building your industry specific vocabulary and intercultural skills, a tech course that includes German instruction can be the key to finding your dream job in Germany. 

Improve your German language skills

About Match Talent's free 1:1 consultation services

Course Counselling


Choosing the best course for you that aligns with your interests and career goals can be a challenging task. We guide you through the process of identifying what career you want and subsequently finding the right course in the Jobcenter /Agentur für Arbeit’s Kursnet. All our course counselling sessions are 1:1 video calls.

CV & Motivational Letters

Cv writing

Our team helps you to revise your CV to best highlight your experiences and skills for your appointment at the Jobcenter when applying for an educational voucher. Struggling with writing a convincing Motivational Letter? Our team is also here to support you with our free writing workshops. 

Buddy Programme

buddy programme

The aim of our Buddy Programme is to help you at your Jobcenter appointment. This includes translation and moral support during your appointment and  help with preparing your documents beforehand. Your Buddy is there to help increase your chances of receiving an educational voucher.

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