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Why digitalization & innovation?

With a shortage of nearly 2 million skilled workers, Germany is funding courses to upskill workers through educational vouchers (Bildungsgutschein). As an international living in Germany, you can take advantage of these courses funded by the Jobcenter/Agentur für Arbeit to find your dream role related to digitalization & innovation.

As more companies digitise their business processes to better compete in today’s world, the need for professionals who can implement new value-added digital solutions is growing. Whether you want to be an online marketing manager, a change manager, a project manager, etc; a background in digitalization can help you stand out. Match talent can help you find the right course to launch your career! 

digitalization and innovation careers

What skills do you need?

In order to excel in a role with a focus on digitalization and innovation, knowledge of the latest technological and business trends is essential. Additionally, in order to implement new digital solutions, strong project management and change management know-how along with good communication skills are also beneficial. IT skills along with the core competencies of your field will help you be successful. However, advanced German knowledge is not always a prerequisite, as during a course that includes German lessons, you will build your industry specific vocabulary and intercultural skills to excel in this role. There are many different courses you can take related to these fields to launch your career. 

skills needed for a role in digitalization

Courses to build up your expertise in digitalization & innovation

A course to become a digitalization manager will prepare you to lead digitization projects in your future company. No matter the industry or field, the core skills you learn here will be transferable to your position. You will furthermore learn about handling data responsibly and enabling efficient management. Courses on digitalization are suitable not only for people who will spearhead digitalization strategies, but also for various department heads and managers who want to implement digital transformation solutions within their teams. 


Through a change management course, you will learn the necessary skills to plan and implement comprehensive and cross-company changes. From new strategies, processes and structures, you will learn how to create effective solutions. You will be enabled to find creative solutions to implement and optimise operational processes. The courses will also cover topics related to leadership, communication models as well success factors of change management. 


Highlights of taking a digitalization course

94% customer satisfaction rate
Rate of students passing final exams - 80%
Go at your own pace with an asynchronous course
Avg. salary of a change manager in Germany: 67.700€

About Match Talent's free 1:1 counselling services

Course Counselling


Choosing the best course for can be a challenging task. We help guide you through the process of identifying what career you want and subsequently finding the right course in the Jobcenter /Agentur für Arbeit’s Kursnet. All our course counselling sessions are 1:1 video calls.

CV & Motivational Letters

Cv writing

Our team helps you to revise your CV to best highlight your experiences and skills for your appointment at the Jobcenter when applying for an educational voucher. Struggling with writing a convincing Motivational Letter? Our team is also here to support you with our free writing workshops. 

Buddy Programme

buddy programme

The aim of our Buddy Programme is to help you at your Jobcenter appointment. This includes translation and moral support during your appointment and  help with preparing your documents beforehand. Your Buddy is there to help increase your chances of receiving an educational voucher.

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