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Who we are

Match Talent is an initiative by Lingoda in collaboration with Kiron.


We are the career centre for international talents in Germany, offering free, holistic services including 1:1 counselling & support services, professional training, industry-specific language and intercultural qualification. We are experts in helping international talents find the best 100% government-funded educational programmes to gain essential skills and secure future-proof jobs. Our goal is to help you find a quality training programme that matches your talents, interests and goals to start or continue your career in Germany.

Our Core Values

You are future-talent

Everything that you stand for, along with everything you have previously learned and want to learn next is an invaluable slice of the future of Germany. 

We are here for you

We help you launch your career in Germany by offering free 1:1 counselling services and guiding you through the process of finding the best government-funded educational programme for you.

Clear thinking talent

Opportunities for training, upskilling or even transferring to a new sector are endless and sometimes confusing. We guide you through the process. 

Endless opportunities

Together we help you find the path where your talent is valued through 100% government-funded educational opportunities. 

Our Vision and Mission

Vision (1)


Our vision

Our vision is a world in which everyone can live up to their fullest potential for a self-determined, dignified life, shaping an exciting and sustainable future together. 

Mission (2)


Our mission

Our mission is to support internationals with their professional qualification and integration in Germany.


Our Team

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πŸ’Ό: Lead of Match Talent

🌐: Ukraine



πŸ’Ό: Strategic Partnership Manager

🌐: Italy



πŸ’Ό: Community Events Manager

🌐: Poland



πŸ’Ό: Online Marketing Manager

🌐: U.S.



πŸ’Ό: Product Marketing Manager

🌐: Ukraine



πŸ’Ό: Junior Marketing Manager

🌐: Germany



πŸ’Ό: Junior Product Analyst

🌐: Romania

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πŸ’Ό: CRM Manager

🌐: Colombia/U.S.



πŸ’Ό: Community Manager

🌐: Lebanon



πŸ’Ό: Community Manager

🌐: Turkey

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πŸ’Ό: Community Manager

🌐: Egypt


History of Match Talent

The Match Talent Initiative

Match Talent Logo

Match Talent is an initiative by Lingoda in collaboration with Kiron. We are experts in the qualification and integration of international talents and support you in finding the best programme.


Lingoda Logo

Lingoda is the online school that teaches you how to speak a language. They are revolutionising language learning through live online classes led by professional teachers.


Kiron Logo (2)

Kiron provides a virtual home for learning, personal growth and collective impact. They offer free online learning opportunities to refugees and underserved communities.

Our Initiatives

Match Talent for Women
Match Talent for Women

Match Talent for Women aims to help migrant women in Germany gain access to government-funded education. This allows them to re-enter the job market, fulfil their career dreams and become active and independent members of the society.

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