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Our events aim to help you learn how you can access government-funded courses and how our team can support you

Upcoming Events

June 18, 2024
Launch Your Data Analytics Career & Master German for FREE!
June 21, 2024
Craft the perfect CV for your Bildungsgutschein application!

What kind of free events can you expect from Match Talent?

Info sessions on government-funded courses


Learn everything you need to know about accessing government-funded educational programmes in Germany. You will learn about the Bildungsgutschein and who is eligible, along with what to expect throughout the process. This session will talk about how Match Talent can support you to access these free for you courses. 

Learn about Match Talent for Women

MT4w events page

Match Talent for Women aims to help migrant and newcomer women in Germany (re)enter the job market through government-funded education. During these info sessions you will find out how government-funded courses can help you (re)enter the job market and launch your career in Germany.

Info sessions on Match Talent's free services

Cv writing

In our service oriented info sessions you can learn more about how Match Talent can support you with our Course Counselling, Buddy Programme and CV & Motivational letter writing. These sessions may also focus on specific programmes and courses so you can learn if a certain profession is right for you.  

On-Demand Events

April 29, 2024
Learn about government-funded education in Germany

Past Events

December 12, 2023
Match Talent for Women
November 21, 2023
Info session on Match Talent for Women
November 15, 2023
Kostenloser Workshop: Erstellung eines Lebenslaufs/Anschreibens
November 14, 2023
Info Session on government-funded education in Germany by Match-Talent
November 2, 2023
Become a UX/UI Engineer with the Beam Institute and Match Talent
October 30, 2023
Migration and intercultural communication in Germany
October 24, 2023
Info Session on government-funded education in Germany by Match-Talent
October 17, 2023
Info session on Match Talent for Women
October 9, 2023
How to get the most out of your migration - Live Info Session
October 3, 2023
Info session on Match Talent for Women
September 26, 2023
Info Session on government-funded education in Germany by Match-Talent
September 14, 2023
Info session on Match Talent for Women
September 6, 2023
Info session with a migration lawyer - send in your questions


How do I register for a session?

You can register by clicking on the event you are interested in and then clicking on the sign-up button. Simply fill out the form with your first and last name along with your email. You will then receive the invite for event via email.

Can I register for multiple events?
Yes! You can sign up and attend as many events as you would like. All events are free of charge and available to anyone who is interested. 
How will my data be used?
We will store your name and email and send you the information about the event along with reminders to join your session. If you agree, we will also inform you about future events via email. 
Do I need to have my camera on?
No it is not a requirement although our presenters always appreciate it when they can see the participants!
Will a presentation be shared after the session?
No currently we do not share our presentations afterwards.
Can I re-watch the session at a later time?
Yes check out our on-demand events above and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all new videos. 

How can Match Talent support you?

At Match Talent we are experts in helping you access 100% government-funded educational programmes. With our individual approach, we work with you 1:1 to find the right course for you, along with supporting you in crafting the prefect CV and motivational letter. We also support as you prepare for your appointment at the Agentur für Arbeit / Jobcenter and can even match you with a German speaking Buddy to attend your appointment with you. Discover all the ways Match Talent can support you. 

government-funded educational programmes