Are you good with numbers and looking for a new career? 

Launch your career
with a government-funded
data analytics course!

Break into a rapidly
growing field

With Germany’s shortage of nearly 2 million skilled workers, the government is funding educational courses to upskill workers. As an international living in Germany, you can take advantage of funded data analytics courses to launch your career in this attractive field. If you are living in Germany, unemployed or soon to be unemployed and are registered or in the process of registering with the Jobcenter / Agentur für Arbeit you could be eligible. Get in contact with Match Talent and we can help you kickstart your data analyst career! 

data analytics

Learn the necessary skills and improve your German through a funded educational course

Are you someone who loves to work with data to find solutions to problems? Then becoming a data analyst could be the right career path for you! Data analysts are responsible for gathering, organising and interpreting various sets of data in order to solve a problem or answer a question. Data analysts are needed in almost every industry as most organisations require skilled people to make sense of their data to make the right decisions and implement the right strategies. Data analysts are responsible for making sense of existing data. If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, data scientists are responsible for implementing new ways to capture and manipulate data to answer new questions. 


Ready to take your German to the next level and improve your career prospects? Then you can choose an educational course that combines professional training along with German instruction. From learning the fundamentals that you would use in everyday conversations to building your industry specific vocabulary and intercultural skills, a data analyst course that includes German instruction can be the key to finding your dream job in Germany.


Highlights of taking a Data Analytics course

Learn how to leverage AI in a future-proof curriculum
Take advantage of 1:1 support with a career specialist
Improve your German with included language course
Improve your career prospects and increase your salary

About Match Talent's free 1:1 counselling services

Course Counselling


Choosing the best course for can be a challenging task. We help guide you through the process of identifying what career you want and subsequently finding the right course in the Jobcenter /Agentur für Arbeit’s Kursnet. All our course counselling sessions are 1:1 video calls.

CV & Motivational Letters

Cv writing

Our team helps you to revise your CV to best highlight your experiences and skills for your appointment at the Jobcenter when applying for an educational voucher. Struggling with writing a convincing Motivational Letter? Our team is also here to support you with our free writing workshops. 

Buddy Programme

buddy programme

The aim of our Buddy Programme is to help you at your Jobcenter appointment. This includes translation and moral support during your appointment and  help with preparing your documents beforehand. Your Buddy is there to help increase your chances of receiving an educational voucher.

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