Match Talent Launch Press Release - English


The two Berlin startups Lingoda and Kiron launch Match Talent - counteracting the
shortage of skilled workers in Germany

Today marks the official launch of Match Talent, the global career
center for international talents in Germany. Match Talent is an initiative by Lingoda, in
cooperation with Kiron Open Higher Education, which was kicked off in summer 2022. The
Match Talent project will be headed by Markus Kreßler, who founded Kiron Open Higher
Education in 2015 in Berlin.

Match Talent's goal is to support international talents in their qualification and integration into
German society and the labour market. To achieve this, education programmes from
high-quality educational partners in Germany are combined with language, integration and
career coaching tailored to the needs of newcomers. Overall, Match Talent wants to be the
neutral, fair player on the market and support Germany in attracting, qualifying and integrating
international talent.

Felix Wunderlich, Co-Founder of Match Talent, Co-Founder and Managing Director Lingoda: "In
Germany, as we all know, we have a major shortage of skilled workers. To counteract this, we
want to do our part to give international talents in Germany with the best career and integration
opportunities. With Match Pflege, we were already able to integrate thousands of health
professionals into the German labour market in recent years with language and integration
courses. We have been able to do this with our partners like Kiron Open Higher Education."

For over seven years, Berlin-based nonprofit, Kiron, has been designing innovative solutions
that address challenges faced by people with forced migration backgrounds in higher education,
employment, and integration. Guided by their mission to be a virtual home for learning, personal
growth and collective impact, Kiron has joined Lingoda to share their expertise building free,
accessible and inclusive education programmes for one of the most diverse populations in

Dr. Tobias Ernst, Co-Founder of Match Talent and CEO at Kiron Open Higher Education: “The
shortage of skilled labor is already a major bottleneck for the German and European economy.
At the same time, there are many motivated and skilled people outside of Europe who want to
build a new life for their families - including refugees. Match Talent offers a scalable solution to
this challenge.”

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Press Contact: Susanne Börensen, PR Manager Lingoda,


Founded in Berlin in 2015, with offices in Beirut and Amman, Kiron is an edtech nonprofit
offering free courses online to enable underserved communities to upskill or retrain and gain a
foothold in the job market. We created the online learning platform Kiron Campus, to ensure that
our students receive free access to high-quality education for academic, professional, and
personal growth. Our campus is adapted to support the needs of our learners with mobile-first
features and has a virtual community hub that has supported over 70,000 students since 2015.
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Press Contact: Anne Parsons, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Kiron,

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