Most in-demand jobs in Germany

What are the most in-demand jobs in Germany in 2024? 

Are you currently unemployed and looking for a job in Germany? The good news is there is currently no shortage of jobs available across many industries. Whether you are looking into tech jobs, want to break into the growing field of green jobs or want to work in the finance industry, there are many top jobs you can choose from. Here we will take a look at some of the most in-demand jobs at the moment in Germany. Whether you are looking for your first job or are looking for a high paying job, working in one of these fields with many job openings could be a great opportunity for you. 

In demand jobs in Germany

Project management 

A growing profession in Germany is project management. Now you may be asking yourself, what does a project manager do? Project managers are responsible for overseeing projects within a company. Whether this is a digital transformation project, launching a new product or service or tackling a new business initiative, project managers are responsible for the conception, implementation, monitoring of day-to-day tasks and making sure the project hits its milestones. One of the reasons this profession has grown in recent years is due to the fact that nearly every industry or field can benefit from project managers. As someone who is trained in project management methods like PRINCE2, you can ensure that a company can successfully implement their new project ideas. Project management jobs can also be great for internationals as there are many jobs available in English. 


The tech industry only continues to grow in Germany and worldwide. With so many diverse jobs all requiring different skill sets, there is no shortage of job openings in the tech field. With a more technical skill set you can look for front and backend developer jobs or java engineering. If you are not interested in coding, there are many jobs in product management, graphic design, content writing and data analytics. No matter your background, if you want to break into tech in order to find a high paying job, there can be many opportunities for you. 

UX/UI designer 

A subset of the tech industry that is growing rapidly is UX/UI design. This is a role focused on designing user interfaces for websites and apps. It can be a great role for someone with a background in graphic design. Additionally, a more technical UX/UI role is UX/UI engineering, which combines the design of user interfaces along with the backend coding to bring the designs to life. 


Another sector that will always be vital and in need of more personnel is healthcare. From physicians to nurses, to pharmacists and lab techs, there are always positions to be filled. Even without a degree in medicine, there are also positions in hospitals in clinics related to the digitalization of their processes. This along with administrative staff means there are a plethora of jobs for people with different skill sets available. 


Marketing is yet another field where more and more companies are looking to hire qualified individuals. Marketing jobs could be related to running and optimising paid ads on social media and google, to search engine optimization, to more analytical jobs focused on lead generation. It is also a field where you can become an expert in one aspect or become a general digital marketer and have key know-how in various areas. This is another area with a good number of English roles especially in larger cities in Germany. 


If you are someone who is good with numbers, looking for a job in the finance sector could be ideal for you. Here you could go into accounts payable and receivable, become a financial accountant or a tax auditor. Jobs in this sector could be for large financial institutions or for any small or medium sized business as these positions are key for any company to run smoothly. 

Green jobs

As the emphasis on environmental protection and clean energy increases in importance in Germany, so do the number of green jobs. Sustainable positions can be found for engineers, IT specialists along with many other tech or administrative jobs for companies that are in the green energy sector. The number and variety of these jobs will continue to grow so those with an interest and expertise will be in high demand in Germany. 


Another area with many job openings is sales. While many people think of sales as a cold calling position, there are many types of sales jobs. From sales representative, to sales consultant and business development manager and even customer success manager, a sales job could be a good fit for you. This is an area where your language skills could be highly beneficial as well. 

How do you land one of these in-demand jobs? 

The best way to begin is to start applying on various job listing sites if you are looking for a job that you already possess the skills for. If you are looking to change your career or upskill you could take advantage of free online certifications. If you are currently unemployed and living in Germany you may also be eligible for an educational voucher (Bildungsgutschein) to take a course in a variety of different topics! The great thing is some of these courses even come with German language instruction so that you could be eligible for a German speaking job after the course completion. These courses can then help you launch your career in Germany and land one of these high-paying job openings. 


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