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Register for our upcoming event on Tuesday, March 12th at 16.00 CET

Join us on Tuesday March 12th at 16.00 CET!

Learn new skills for free with Lecturio and Match Talent! Come to our info session and find out how government-funded courses can help you build your career in Germany. We will talk about the Bildungsgutschein (educational voucher), and how the free of charge services of Match Talent can help you secure your voucher. The educational provider, Lecturio will tell you about their learning platform, and what courses you can attend.


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At Match Talent we are experts in helping you apply for the 100% government-funded courses, which you can combine with a German language and integration course. All our carefully selected programmes come with personal coaching which will enable you to successfully adapt to fast-paced, ever-changing environments and challenges. Join our Info Session to find out what the German government-funded educational voucher called ‘Bildungsgutschein’ is, and how to receive it.

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